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SAPPHIRE Embedded Solutions

High-performance embedded mainboards providing, exceptional performance for multi-display systems without compromising power consumption or cost. Ideally suited for portable medical imaging devices, digital signage installations, and casino and arcade gaming systems.

Digital Signage and Retail

SAPPHIRE Embedded designs and manufactures reliable mainboards with industrial grade design and components for the Digital Signage and Retail markets

Casino and Arcade Gaming

SAPPHIRE Embedded mainboards provide the eye-catching graphics and enable the rewarding experiences of next-gen gaming, from touch screens to 3D graphics to multi-display, scalable, and fully integrated solutions that push past HD to 4K

Medical Imaging

SAPPHIRE mainboards power the unique data throughput, image transformation, and post-processing requirements of medical imaging applications – including mobile and cart-based ultrasound systems, endoscopy systems and high-end MRI and CT scanners

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